The Pilates Works.® regime is an important part of our business as we believe that this enhances the posture and muscle tone of any active person. Our studio is equipped with the Unique Wall Unit/Reformer, Chair, Cadillac/Rack Table, Ladder Barrel, mats and other strengthening equipment which will enable your Personal Training regime to show you amazing results


Pilates Works® are excited to announce the launch of their own custom made line of equipment. Tibor Markus has spent many months at the drawing board and in a design studio developing, what is in his opinion, a superior piece of equipment. We are the first in Canada and the US to create a unique space saving wall design unit which allows for upright storage. This unit has more excercise capabilities than the leading brands in Canada and the US. The beauty of this unit is that unlike others on the market it can be stored away by a single person! One person can store away 10 in just 1 minute.

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Take the W.W.W. Approach
By: Roger Schwab & Charles J. Bixby. M.A. Ed. M.S.


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