I agree to the below Enrollment agreement. By accepting this registration form, PilatesWorks acknowledges that the date on record for the signed enrollment agreement and any refunds are the dates the registration is submitted.

Curriculum Class:  Mat and Reformer Pilates starting January 27, 2020 at Power Yoga & Pilates for 8 consecutive weeks.    Courtney Luker, Master Trainer instructs this class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12pm-3pm during this period.

Access to Power Yoga & Pilates:  Temporary membership to Power Yoga & Pilates will be issued to the individual student from the session start date (January 27, 2020) through the end of the student’s enrollment in the program, not to be later than May 31, 2020.  This will ensure time to complete self-practice and observation hours needed for certification. The temporary membership fee is included in the cost of tuition and shall permit the student to attend regularly scheduled classes at Power Yoga & Pilates, subject to space availability in select classes.  

2nd Curriculum Class:  January 6-17th , 2020 for Trapeze/Cadillac/Tower.   You may only sign up for this if you are a certified  Pilates Mat and Reformer Teacher with anatomy.  

Rejection, Cancellation:

  1. The student may cancel this contract at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after signing this contract AS LONG AS IT IS BEFORE THE START DATE OF THE PROGRAM. AFTER THE PROGRAM START DATE, ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.   

  2. The school reserves the right, for whatever reason, to cancel the program at any time. If this should occur, a full refund will be made to the student.

Special Case WITHDRAWAL:

In case of prolonged serious illness or accident or death in the family, which makes it impractical for the student to complete the program, the school may make a settlement that is reasonable and fair. A doctor’s note or other applicable documentation will be required.

Voluntary Withdrawal: 

PilatesWorks Teacher Training will bank any tuition paid for one year with the option of registering for another program IF a FORMAL WITHDRAWAL FORM IS COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE COURSE ENDING. The next program the student enrolls in will need to be attended start to finish in order for the certificate to be legitimate.  After one year of banked tuition and no program completion, the student must re-register and pay the full tuition amount over again if he/she chooses to enroll in Mat and Pilates Teacher Training at PilatesWorks.

Assumption of Risk

I understand that there is an inherent risk of injury, whether caused by me or someone else, in the use of or presence at a PilatesWorks/Power Yoga and Pilates studio, the use of equipment and services at the studio, and participation in PilatesWorks programs.

This risk includes, but is not limited to: 

  1. Injuries arising from the use of any of Power Yoga and Pilates’ centers or equipment, including any accidental or “slip and fall” injuries; 

  2. Injuries arising from participation in supervised or unsupervised activities and programs within the studio or outside; to the extent sponsored or endorsed by  PilatesWorks; 

  3. Injuries or medical disorders, including, but not limited to heart attacks, strokes, heart stress, sprains, broken bones and torn muscles or ligaments, resulting from my use of or presence at PilatesWorks/Power Yoga and Pilates, my use of equipment or services at a PilatesWorks/Power Yoga and Pilates; and 

  4. Injuries resulting from the actions taken or decisions made regarding medical or survival procedures.  I understand and voluntarily accept this risk. I agree to specifically assume all risk of injury, whether physical or mental, as well as all risk of loss, theft or damage of personal property for me while I am using or present at PilatesWorks/Power Pilates and Yoga, including using any lockers, equipment or services.

Release of Liability: 
I waive any and all claims or actions that may arise against PilatesWorks LLC., its affiliates, subsidiaries, successors or assigns (collectively, “PW”) as well as each party’s owners, directors, employees or volunteers as a result of any such injury, loss, theft or damage to any such person, including and without limitation, personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss or any damage to me, my spouse, my children including, but not limited to, the injuries described above, resulting from the negligence of PW or anyone else using a PW facility or equipment. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold PW harmless against any claims arising out of the negligent or willful acts or omissions of me, any person that is a part of my membership, or any guest under this membership.

The online description of PilatesWorks class is incorporated by reference and made a part hereof this Enrollment Agreement. I acknowledge that I have reviewed a copy of this course description, which contains important information describing, among other things, (a) my program’s description and hours involved, (b) the equipment and supplies provided, (c) that PilatesWorks reserve the right to reschedule any program start date, (d) that there is no guarantee of job placement to graduates upon graduation, and (e) that PilatesWorks reserves the right to discontinue any students’ training for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition or failure to abide by applicable rules.

Use of Likeness:

I give PilatesWorks irrevocable consent to release photographs, slides, moving pictures and audio/visual tapes of me for the purpose of PilatesWorks records, public relations and/or advertising, videos or text material, either with or without my name or photo accompanying such quotation.


I understand that this is a legally binding instrument upon my written acceptance by PilatesWorks unless cancelled as described under the Buyer’s Right to Cancel section described above. I understand that this institution does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program/course completion or upon graduation. I hereby certify that I have read and understand this entire Enrollment Agreement and agree to and accept the terms and conditions of this entire agreement.


Electronic Signature

Almost done!

Please read the contract below, agree to the terms, and proceed to making a full or partial payment (deposit).

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