What is the PilatesWorks Method?

It is our Contemporary and Classical Pilates Certification Program for Reformer and Mat. We are offering an advanced class in Janaury also ! You can also add on Chair, Trapeze and Barrels. We'd love to talk to you so give us a call today-702-205-4092

What style does PilatesWorks Method teach?

A modern advanced approach! You’ll learn both classic and contemporary with detailed anatomy to bridge the gap between classic exercise and modern science.

What are the requirements?

You need to fill out the application first. We’d love to talk with you by phone first and then invite you into the studio for a chat and to see if we are the right program for you!

Why should I get my certification at PilatesWorks Method and not another studio?

  • We are proud to offer the best program in Las Vegas that will allow you to teach correctly…and both you and your students will enjoy!
  • We prioritize a client-centered education that gives students the opportunity to develop a business side to their practice. We want you to run a successful business!
  • Our program has many more hands-on-workshop hours than any other program
  • We teach the entire Pilates repertoire. Most other certifications teach only a portion of the work. This segment from January 27-March 20, 2020 will focus on Reformer, Mat and Anatomy. If you'd like to continue your education after the first module you may with Trapeze, Barrel and Chair, by adding these after!
If you are already Pilates Mat, Reformer and Anatomy Certifiied, we highly recommend signing up for the Trapeze/Cadillac/Tower Class Certification beginning January 6-17, 2020.
  • Classes are small and you are mentored by Courtney Luker, Master Instructor the entire time! Not an array of teachers.
  • Our focus is to mentor you along you entire journey so you leave with all the skills necessary for a successful Pilates career
  • Our anatomy program is cutting edge and brings you to a higher level in Pilates education.

How do I know if I’m ready for this?

That’s an important question and why we want you to come in and talk with us. You won’t be meeting with a salesperson---just Courtney! A PilatesWorks Instructor Certification is a big commitment to a long and potentially very fulfilling journey. Our goal is to create a supportive, encouraging environment where there is room to stumble, pause, reflect, and grow. If you are looking for a career or life change in the health and healing industry, then this is great choice.

How long will it take to complete?

It’s up to you and your schedule. Some students finish in three months and others take 6 months! The scheduled in-studio workshops are from January 27-March 20 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-3pm. In addition, there are Observation Hours, Self-Practice Hours and Student Teaching Hours. There are both evaluations and final tests at each step of the way so you’ll always know how you’re progressing. Students can finish this program in as little as 3 months. You will be finished with your certification and teaching hours by May 31st this year and ready to start a new full time or part time career!

What are the costs?

The Certification Program from January 27-March 20, 2020 is $3,500. PilatesWorks will provide an in-depth Pilates Manual. There are several books required for the class that you need to purchase. There is a $200 discount for payment in full by 12/10 for Mat & Reformer The Trapeze/Cadillac/Tower Certification is $750 with a $100 discount when paid by 12/15/19

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