Almost 15 years ago, Andrea found pilates in Chicago and fell in love! She continued her practice---both classical and contemporary, when she moved to San Diego. Hectic and crazed with her career building a national company, It’s Just Lunch, Andrea found stress relief and fun in both her yoga and pilates practices. 

Three years ago, Andrea moved to Las Vegas and was surprised by the lack of caliber in pilates training, teaching and professional standards. Until the happy day she bumped into Courtney Luker. She’d tried to get into Courtney’s classes but they were always FULL!!!!! Courtney, the premier PilatesWorks master teacher, also instructs privates and group classes. It was instant friendship!

Courtney’s background was worldwide dance and choreography until an injury sidelined her. She found her passion over 15 years ago teaching pilates, yoga and gryotonics.  

The women founded PilatesWorks Method, a blend of classical and contemporary pilates instruction in order to bring you the best training in Las Vegas!  Courtney and Andrea focus on all aspects of pilates instruction, including emphasis on alignment and anatomy. Their course is fast paced, dynamic and clients tell us----fun!       Call us----702-867-1788

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