2020... a year of new beginnings, lots of athletic preparation, and of course a fresh start!   Starting on January 27th, 2020 our popular 8 week Certification program is back. Our program teaches contemporary and classical pilates on the reformer and mat. You'll receive quality training from passionate teachers and unprecedented access to our state of the art facility. Our small class size also allows us to give you a more personalized experience. 

Already a teacher? Another program starting soon is our Classical Pilates Trapeze/Tower/Cadillac training certification. Lasting for 2 weeks from January 6th to the 17th, you'll learn the classical repertoire: how to set up, proper breathing, and the actual execution, exactly how the beloved Joseph Pilates designed it. When you finish, you'll be ready and confident to add these exercises to your clients lessons! 

Interested in either program? Email or call us for more information. We can't wait!  Apply above and read below for more information!

Be prepared to become a certified teacher or take your practice to the next level!    

Recent PilatesWorks Grads

PilatesWorks Instructor

I've always been interested in fitness and healthy living----but when I hurt my back and needed back surgery at the age of 30 pilates became so much more meaningful to me.  It's been crucial in my rehab and healing!

Kristen Soderberg

PilatesWorks Instructor

I was introduced to Reformer by a friend and was immediately hooked due to almost instant results and lost over 100 pounds (you should see my pictures!!!)   Was diagnosed with cancer and pilates helped me recover & recoup.  Mentally, physically & therapeutic!

Amanda Davis

PilatesWorks Instructor

I fell in love with pilates after an injury in tennis. As an athlete, I really appreciate how strong my body feels and how I am mentally at ease after every class. 

Erin Crumpley

PilatesWorks Instructor

a long time yoga teacher (and may we say one of the best), Jami's strengths lay in giving great direction and cues to her clients.   Mixing her two favorite modalities---yoga and reformer pilates gave her body great strength and endurance.  So of course she was eager to share with her clients---did we mention she plays great music to get you rocking at 630am?

Jami Hill

PilatesWorks Instructor

I came into the pilates world first through Trufusion but then discovered the best pilates in Las Vegas with Courtney.  I'm a yoga teacher too and I wanted to bridge the gap between fitness, yoga and pilates   

Jay Cambridge

PIlatesWorks Instructor

I became interested in pilates as part of my rehabilitation after my knee surgery   I enjoyed the method, pace and results.

Heidi Vater

PilatesWorks Instructor

As the wife of a Military Officer, I am fairly new to Las Vegas. I am not only a wife but a mother of two... soon to be three in November... and I can't stop appreciating the way I feel when I am in class. I found pilates when looking for something athletic to do, as I am an avid athlete! 

Krissi Wang

PilatesWorks Instructor

A former dancer, as you can see from the graceful way she moves from the moment you meet her!  Jeanne loves exploring new innovative pilates exercises on the reformer and you'll never be bored!

Jeanne Done

PilatesWorks Instructor

I started Pilates when I was pregnant with my son and it helped tremendously.  My goal is to make people of all ages and athletic ability to feel better.  Pilates has helped me gain strength, flexibility and clarity so I hope I can help others find this too!

Patti Costello

PilatesWorks Instructor

I fell in love with Pilates over 18 years ago.  Been doing it ever since.  I love the way it makes me feel and love experiencing it with others.


PilatesWorks Instructor

An avid athlete, yogi and mother of two, Tamara decided to try out Pilates when she saw some friends at Lifetime with incredible results.  Love at first sight!


PilatesWorks Instructor

As a former athlete---volleyball, basketball, tennis and softball she got on a Pilates reformer and never wanted to get off.  This helped her dramatically with injuries.  She's been practicing Reformer and Cadillac Reformer for 15 years and helped her get back in shape after having her daughter.  She's also a yoga teacher.

Andrea McGinty

PilatesWorks Method Teacher Certification

If your passion for Pilates has guided you towards an interest in becoming an instructor, then it’s time to take control of your future. Pilates is a $9 billion dollar industry and with this growth, there are so many opportunities for pilates teachers . Our program is fast paced, fun and will ready you for a career in teaching reformer and equipment pilates for group or private classes. Whether you want to improve your own practice or become a teacher, this is the best comprehensive training in Las Vegas!


We offer…

Personalized &  comprehensive training     

Unprecedented access to our state-of-the-art facility and Master Instructor     

Requirements to sit for the PMA Exam     

This program is taught by Master Pilates Instructor, Courtney Luker, who has over 14 years of Pilates instructor and training experience.

Pilates Instructor Classes:   Next Classes starts on January 6, 2020 and January 27, 2020

Each class will be limited to ten students only to guarantee an intimate classroom experience. Receive hands-on training and studio access

January 27th :  Pilates Teacher Certification (Reformer, Mat & Anatomy)

Instruction: January 27 Certification is for new Pilates Teachers (Mat, Reformer & Anatomy)  SEE below for Jan 6 Class


Hours will all be taught in a studio by PilatesWorks Master Teacher Courtney Luker.  For self-practice, observation and apprenticeship, the student teacher will have access to the studio during designated hours through May 2020.


Reformer and Mat Pilates at Power Yoga & Pilates. Anatomy will be included. 

Classes are in-studio Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-3pm

January 27-March 25

How long will it take to complete?  It’s up to you and your schedule. Some students finish in three months and others take eleven months! There are both evaluations and final tests at each step of the way so you’ll always know how you’re progressing.

The January 27th Training Class must be completed by May 31 to complete certification.

  Cost: $3,500 for entire January 27th Pilates Mat, Reformer and Anatomy program. Limited Space. Reserve quickly!  

  Register by 12/1 for a $200 discount!  

Reformer and Mat Curriculum Hours:

Pilates Reformer, Mat and Anatomy Teacher Training  60 Hours

Reformer Observation- 25 hours

Reformer Self-practice- 25 hours

Mat Observation- 10 hours

Mat Self-practice- 10 hours

Pilates Reformer Teacher Training Practical Exam 3 Hours

Pilates Reformer Student-Teacher Apprenticeship 100 hours (paid and unpaid)

January 6th :  Classic Pilates Trapeze/Tower/Cadillac Certification (prerequisite:  Must be Pilates Mat and Reformer Certified)

Classes will all be taught in studio from January 6-January 17

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-3pm

Observation, Self-practice and Apprentice hours must be complete by March 12, 2020

You will have full studio access to accomplish these requirements from 1/6 through 3/15

You will learn the classical repertoire:  Set up, Breath and Execution as Joseph Pilates designed it.  Learn specific language to cue your students to yield optimal results.  Finish the PW Program ready to add these exercises to your clients' lesson plans immediately.

$750 for this certification


We want to make sure we’re the right fit! Please fill out our application HERE and we will call you to chat. We highly recommend prior fitness instructor experience and/or Pilates equipment experience. The more you know coming into our program, the more likely it is for you to succeed!

If you would like to learn more about our pricing, schedule, and availability—or if you just have more questions—please reach out to us! We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you on your path towards becoming a Pilates instructor. It’s time to take control of your future and make a decision that will give you a lifelong reward. Give others the gift of strength, balance, and happy life through the power of Pilates!

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